lunch in cambridge on a budget!

Renee's 101 guide for people who don't want to spend all their money on one lunch.

A year ago, I embarked on my first solo trip abroad. I actually looked forward to this trip for months! I was just itching to get out of Singapore. As much as I love the sunny city, I always wanted to leave one day, even if it was just for a while ~ and I still do.... don't get me wrong, I love Singapore, but I've always felt that I would feel like myself more living somewhere else and traveling... 

Moreover, I'm feeling the same itch right now as I spend my summer holidays here in Singapore. Travel has halted due to COVID-19, and I can't do the outdoor activities I would find myself doing if I spent the summer here in SG under normal circumstances. I'm basically confined to my apartment and I cannot wait to go back to school and socialize once again :( Looking back at all my pictures from last summer, I realized that most of them are of the food that I ate (lmao) so here is part 1 out of my two-part series of blog posts!

Shifting the gears a little bit, I got to spend my trip in a study abroad program in Cambridge for an entire month! In the month I got to spend on my own (without my family), I've gotten to know the quaint (history-filled!) town pretty well and became almost like a 'local' if I may say so. I love this town so much that if you asked me where my first choice would be for a place to live in my 20's, Cambridge would be my answer above all else! Today's post is dedicated to all the amazing food I got to eat when exploring Cambridge with my friends (with a finite wallet). So introducingggg...

Affordable Lunches in Cambridge! 
Budget Traveler Edition
Renee's 101 guide for people who don't want to spend all their money on one lunch in a fancy pub!

Firstly, I have to note that my breakfast and dinner meals were covered by my study abroad program and I got to sit and have each meal in the dining hall. On some nights it would be a semi-formal dress occasion. I was based in the oldest college in Cambridge known as Peterhouse, and I sometimes got to have three-course meals on special occasions. Even so, my friends and I had to cover our own lunch with our money from home, and I wanted to budget as much as possible so I could spend the money saved to treat myself! Like many other travelers, I also had to make sure that I was spacing out my money so that it would last me a month. 

sorry for the kinda ugly photo! I really just wanted to eat my burrito

1. Nanna Mexico 
My go-to during action-filled days. It's quick, cheap, and nutritious. I take it to go and eat it outdoors. Nanna's is a restaurant chain located all across Cambridge, so it's quick and easy to find. The one I went to was just two blocks away from Peterhouse. I usually get a kids burrito, and it's honestly the perfect portion for me and tastes amazinggg!
Burrito $4 pounds estimated

2. Open Market!
On different days of the week, there would be an open market set up in the 'town square' or what you call the center of Cambridge. This is because it's where all the shops are at. Instead of literal stores, you can find chefs set up in makeshift stalls selling pretty affordable (and super cheap!) food. I got some Indian food with my friend Violet from a stall, and on another day, I got mac and cheese (with pesto, mozzarella, and dried tomatoes from a stall called 'Mac Daddy' - which I have to say is a pretty cool name! It's also my favourite mac and cheese bowl by far!!
Indian Food $4-5 pounds approx 
Mac Daddy $4.5 pounds

3. Zizzi's 
In a large group lunch setting, Zizzi's is a great place to go with a huge group of friends. My friends and I ordered this (large!) pizza and split the cost. Splitting the cost and sharing food with friends is my #1 tip on spending less but still making sure you're eating food on a daily basis. It's also a great place to chat with friends in a warm, casual, and comfortable environment, but we didn't like the service much as they were pretty slow. 
Margarita Pizza $7-8 pounds approx 

4. Pho Cafe Cambridge 
I had Pho in Cambridge! I should say, I was pleasantly surprised at how this bowl of soup made me think of home. Although it definitely tastes different from my family's recipe, I still really enjoyed it. This restaurant is a little bit on the pricier side, but totally worth it. The ambiance was really nice too as lights would illuminate our tables. I went with four other friends and we split the bill for our bowls. 
Beef Stew Pho $12-13 pounds approx 

5. Eggs Benedict
I totally forgot where I got this Eggs Benedict meal! I really love this classic treat, but I can't seem to remember the place I had it. This was a part of high tea, and I also forgot the price lmao. But this is a classic British staple to have when you're visiting anywhere in England! I love the hollandaise sauce on this one and it's making me so hungry....
Eggs Benedict $13 pounds approx (this is with high tea)

Honorable Mention: Marks and Spencers

6. Marks and Spencer's! 
Honorable Mention. I really love Marks and Spence because they sell cheap food that can nourish your stomach and taste good all at the same time. I especially love picking some to go. The only photo I have of something from M&S is the antipasto tray that I may secretly have for lunch individually. But I've gotten stuff (like salads) that cost me around $2-3 pounds that taste amazing!!! 
Italian antipasto tray $4 pounds (yum my fav)

That is it for today's post! All this food is making me hungry... I'm typing this at 11pm at night so it might be weird for me to rummage this fridge at this time. Wherever you are, and whenever it is, I hope you aren't thinking about the same thing I just thought of about sneaking into the kitchen.... Screw it!! I'll just go eat some bread!

With Love, Renee


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