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Renee's 101 guide pt. 2. After saving money on meals, spend it on sugary treats!

Welcome back to the blog! Today's blog post is part 2/2 of my blog series on all things food in Cambridge! But before talking about all the amazing food I'm about to share, I want to provide a little update... 

A few days ago, I got the shock of my life when I read that Singapore is opening back up again. Yup! You read that right. Singapore is finally opening up the economy, stores, and allowing group gatherings (up to 5 people) all at the same time. It's gotten me to wonder if this will really work. It seems really early and rushed in my opinion but it also looks well thought out, planned, and reviewed. The reopening is divided up to three phases, and we're going into the second. But it makes me wonder, even if community cases are down, everyone will still be assembling together with each other that'll be hard to trace with technology - maybe it's borderline weird with tracking methods. I heard that it's a possibility people will have to wear devices (but it looks like that's a rumor). Either way, I'm excited to go get my bubble tea fix IRL!!! Will probably write an entire blog post soon of me going out to run some errands throughout the day too. I'll even include a section justifying my 0% sugar order - craving it right now alongside all these treats below:

I now present...
Yummy Treats in Cambridge! 
Budget Traveler Edition
Renee's 101 guide - after you save your money on meals, spend it on sugary treats!

My friend Gaurav said that I should post the photos below the description because it makes more sense. But for the aesthetic, I shall ignore his suggestion (haha sorry!)

I saved up on lunches but managed to use the money saved on having Jack's Gelato Ice Cream for almost EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. of my trip! Yes, I know... not a wise choice. Either way, I was exercising it all off and staying healthy anyways from breakfasts and dinners that I had....

Background: Corpus Christi Clock that lights up every hour! 

1. Jack's Gelato 
HANDS DOWN, THE BEST ICE CREAM PLACE IN THE WORLD! I love this place so much that I went all the time and spent my money there. To me, it's also pretty inexpensive because I saved. Even if it is expensive for you, trust. me. The shopkeepers are extremely generous and gave me heaps for one scoop. They even allowed me to get a half and  half scoop of two favors over many occasions - and it turned out to basically be a double scoop ice cream on a cone but they only charged me for one scoop. My favorite flavor of all time is the Speculoos one ~pronounced speck-a-loose~ it has crushed lotus caramel biscuits that give the ice cream a crumbly texture seen above. A close second would be the Strawberry flavor. It's more like a sorbet and has the actual seeds in the ice cream that gives it the texture. All of it is super fresh too, as they churn out and switch out the flavors daily! The only thing that I was sad about was that I couldn't get Speculoos all the time due to this but I didn't mind overall.
Here's the website so you can see all the amazing (and original) flavors they've created over the years: - Jack's is on Bene't Street, right next to the clock seen in this pic. The store is pretty small, but it has that clean and warm vibe to it that I love <3 
+ It has basically come to me wanting to attend Cambridge University because of this store 
One scoop - $2.5 pounds (remember that I had this almost every day)

*Fun Fact: there was another gelato store down Bene't street called Aromi's (Italian) and every single person at my summer program basically took sides on which store was better. I chose Jacks and my entire friend group chose Aromi's so I was outnumbered... until I convinced them over one debate session in a nice cafe nearby!*

Fitzbillies are KNOWN for their chelsea buns

2. Fitzbillies
This coffee shop/bakery is right down the street from Peterhouse. This renowned store has been selling their iconic chelsea buns at the same place since 1920! They have two locations, but due to the expenses of operating in Cambridge, both were on the verge of shutting down last year. Luckily the community rallied around the store and some famous person purchased it so we're all good - chelsea buns for days:) I also got to have some tea and macarons here. Singapore-based Renee isn't used to cold weather all the time so on very cold summer mornings during our class break, I would go with my friends Tasha and Lily to pick up some coffee/hot cocoa. It's a little on the expensive side, but so worth it to keep myself warm. It's also really yummy......
Hot Cocoa $4 pounds 
Chelsea Buns $2.5 pounds 

as you can see, I had to balance everything on my legs

3. The Orchard Tea Garden
This was one of the activities my program provided. A walk to the renowned Orchard Tea Garden. It took a while, but it was so fun! The view of the English countryside was simply stunning. There was also a long river to punt in all the way to the gardens. The gardens began in 1887, when students wanted to have their afternoon tea outdoors of the Orchard House. Soon this rose in popularity with the amazing nature and such - Virginia Woolf among other notable philosophers and authors frequently visited here and produced their greatest works. There was a group of 6 of them who became known as the Granchester Group (as technically, the garden is in Granchester and not Cambridge) So basically, we walked like 2.5 miles or more outside of Cambridge itself! At the OTG, I got some of their iconic scones seen above. I added some jam and clotted cream on top and my friends and me along with the teachers had another huge debate on whether the clotted cream goes on first or the jam haha:) I didn't pay for this as it was covered by my program yay!
Scones + Clotted Cream + Jam approx $9-12 pounds 

My friend Karina spilled that iced coffee you see in the background afterwards:)

4. Hot Numbers
Hot Numbers Cafe is my favourite working cafe where I can properly sit down and get some work done. My friend Karina and I would come here to finish up assignments after class and get some afternoon snacks. This place is in the other direction of Peterhouse, and it's in the 'chiller' area of the town. I would order my hot cocoa here instead of Fitzbillies because it's just a pound cheaper (and you get chocolate dusted all over the top of the mug or cup if I take it to go) This place has become kinda like a sanctuary for me. The food isn't really great though, but the breads are. I got this pancake dish seen above, but it didn't taste good AT ALL. I guess it was just for the aesthetics. Also I signed up for free wifi from them, and they still email me updates which makes me miss summer so much.... 
Pancakes approx $9 pounds

Well... That's it from me today! I wrote at 11:30pm and now it's the next day... I need some sleep now or else I can't stay awake for french class tomorrow. Hopefully if you ever go to Cambridge you can take my recommendations up - especially the ice cream one. Even if you don't, I hope you liked reading this post :) I'm literally not hungry at all for some reason after looking at all this food. What can I say? Being insanely tired changes you completely as a person - and not for the better. More to come soon <3

With Love, Renee

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